Protected main branch

Would be nice to have the possibility to “lock” main branch from editors changes. To force that all changes have to go by “Pull requests”.

By this way you have a clean workflow when there are a lot of people working on the libraries.


It would be nice to have the option of locking the main branch. Sometimes by mistake, we edit the main branch, and it would be awesome to guarantee that that does not happen, creating conflicts on the actual branches.


Hi everyone! Thanks for your feedback, we will pass it along to our team for consideration!

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can Request branch reviews (=> you do not give edit access to the main file to these users, so that they’d need to request a review and allow someone who does to merge the branch)
You can find more information in this article: Request a branch review and our Guide to branching.

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Thank you Celine, we are aware of it and we use branching heavily.
But still, sometimes it happens. You are just having a conversation, explaining something to someone and then you leave the exploration there because you forget…

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Hey Neto! Thanks for your feedback, I understand your frustration.
It is a workaround for whose who may be not aware of it. Still, I will make sure to pass along your feedback (to lock main branch) to the team. I can’t guarantee anything on our end, but I can give it some visibility here! :slight_smile:

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All this would really need is a warning when you start editing the main file. Once per session or per day would prevent a lot of issues.