Problem with variants: ALIGNMENT

Hi people, I want to learn how can I do when create a variant appear in the correct alignment.
I have created 2 variants:

The second have autolayout, alignment right. If you see the image, all is perfect. But my result is:

Error figma

I tried 10 times, creating again and again but I don’t know how can I know where can I check the position where my variant appear. Sometimes I have other “jumpings” for some pixels and I don’t know how can I solved because in my variants is in the correct position.

Hope someone can help me! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Try setting both variants to fixed width.

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Whenever I had this problem I solved it by wrapping it inside a frame (the instance, not the component) and set the constraints to the opposite of the way it needs to expand.
Your variant expands to the left so it should constrain to the right.


Thanks @ntfromchicago and @Klesus, I will try both options. If I solve the problem I will write here again, I can’t now check because I don’t have my laptop :sweat_smile: