Problem with font type field in new version

In the new Figma version, selecting and changing fonts is not convenient.
1 In the new version not possible to select texts and switch between the fonts by arrows up/down to see which font text looks better

2 The name of the font can’t be copied.
Can you back Figma’s text settings behavior to the previous behavior?

Thank You

Hi, would you mind sharing what do you use copying the font name for? Thanks!

This one seems related to: Bring back Font Canvas Preview - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

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Scenario 1: I want to check different fonts for the title. Before you changed font options in Figma I was able change the font by selecting the font name and change it with the arrow buttons like in photoshop or illustrator. is it possible now?

Hi Scenario 2: I want copy font name for reason find it in different program. is it possible now?

Please back previous font options

Thank you