Prevent editor from editing in a specific file

How to prevent an editor from editing some files in the team?
We have several editors in our company, but mostly all of them don’t have enough experience and knowledge about how library works or company’s procedure in designing. Therefore, the designer lead decided to have me been the only designer to edit and maintain the file.
He set the other editors’ permission to “can view” but I get this notice next to each.

So can they really have the ability to edit the file, despite “can view” permission that is set to them?

Yeah, need this one as well since we made a template for new Figma files but the designers often forgot to duplicate it first & ended up with a used Figma template.

Hi @Phu_Nguyen, Thank you for reaching out with your question.

We tested this on our end, and I can confirm that the tooltip information on the Share modal is accurate. If a person has edit access at the team level where the file is located, they will still be able to edit the file.

If you’re looking to prevent this, you might consider the following three options.
Based on your description of the company’s situation, it sounds like you want them to be able to view but not edit the files. In that case, I think the second option would be the most suitable for your scenario!

I hope this helps! If anyone from our community has any additional insights or workarounds, please feel free to share them here.