Presenter Notes

I love using Figma for my slide decks but I miss having my notes while in presentation mode. If I could have similar functionality I would adopt Figma as my slide deck tool 100%!


I second this! The best work-around I’ve found is turning on Comment mode while presenting by pressing C. My speakernotes are c/p’ed into a note on each wireframe, and I tuck the bubble into the bottom right corner, even though it’s invisible when not in comment mode anyway.


I’d love presenter’s notes to be added as a feature.


I second this. I certainly don’t want Figma to turn into another Keynote, however presentation mode is there for a reason — to present your ideas effectively. Effective presentation means not forgetting what you wanted to talk about, not having to write down stuff you already have in Figma on a paper or not trying to remember what you put on that next slide… If presentation in Figma is supposed to be actually effective, not just a nice side feature, it definitely needs presenter notes (along with next slide preview).
BTW, got my two extensive presentations designed in Figma now. But I will end up exporting the screens and presenting them from elsewhere just because I can’t afford any presentation hiccups…


Super important feature