Presenter Notes

I love using Figma for my slide decks but I miss having my notes while in presentation mode. If I could have similar functionality I would adopt Figma as my slide deck tool 100%!


I second this! The best work-around I’ve found is turning on Comment mode while presenting by pressing C. My speakernotes are c/p’ed into a note on each wireframe, and I tuck the bubble into the bottom right corner, even though it’s invisible when not in comment mode anyway.


I’d love presenter’s notes to be added as a feature.


I second this. I certainly don’t want Figma to turn into another Keynote, however presentation mode is there for a reason — to present your ideas effectively. Effective presentation means not forgetting what you wanted to talk about, not having to write down stuff you already have in Figma on a paper or not trying to remember what you put on that next slide… If presentation in Figma is supposed to be actually effective, not just a nice side feature, it definitely needs presenter notes (along with next slide preview).
BTW, got my two extensive presentations designed in Figma now. But I will end up exporting the screens and presenting them from elsewhere just because I can’t afford any presentation hiccups…


Super important feature


Would love to see this feature! I love making presentations in Figma over other traditional tools and feel this is the only thing missing :slight_smile:


With these new power added to Figmas’ prototyping engine, I believe, If a product is rightly prototyped, there is no need for notes.

It will speak for itself

Plus: there is comments perfectly managed to put hidden notes and open them up when needed

This concept of presenter notes is not about prototyping product mockups.

It is for creating a presentation or slideshow, like you would with Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.


How do you view & read your comments without the audience seeing them as you move through the slides?

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The suggestion is centered around the use case of creating presentations in Figma. It’s an important use case for my team because we like our research presentations to be page in our design files so it’s inline with our work and for reference. We also need to present our research to other who won’t be digging in the design file so using the prototype side to go through the presentation like a slide deck works but it lacks the presenters notes which help the present make sure they’re hitting key points as they present.


I’m supprised and how few votest this is getting. I would LOVE presenter notes. Then I can use Figma for everything


Have an option or a way to see/add presentor notes on presentations. Would be really really helpful for presentations!


You could set up something similar just by opening up another window

While it’s possible to use Figma for presentations, that is not its main purpose and I would hate for it to evolve into something it’s not meant to be.
I.e. the feature you’re asking for would clash with its current feature set.


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I’ve been experimenting with using Figma as a presentation tool instead of Keynote/GSlides, on the theory that editing and theming should be a lot easier with components (and I should be able to achieve a more polished result).

The biggest challenge so far is speaker notes: showing my notes on one display, synced to the presentation (prototype) on the other. I’ve been able to jury-rig something on my Mac with an AppleScript, but wondered if there’s a better way. I don’t see anything in the Figma APIs to help with this; the closest I see is a node-id query parameter in the URL for the prototype, but not 100% sure how that works.

Any ideas?


Hey, also wondering how to do this. Right now I have presenter notes on the bottom of my presentation slide frames- but this only works for Zoom meetings zoom where I can set a custom screen share size. Google Meet doesn’t offer that feature, and my presenter notes are shown to everyone.

The only other idea I have is to have speaker notes on my iPad but requires me to advance the slide 2 times (once on each device).

Would you mind sharing the AppleScript solution?

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A hack I use is opening the same file in two different Figma windows and only share one in presentation mode. Then I add my speaker notes outside of the presentation frames. And I do agree, we need speaker notes :wink:


I also use @Ka_Utrera two-screen technique but put my speaker notes in the comments, and use the follow feature to mirror slide control. This lets me keep both prototype windows in sync.

There are also advanced techniques to view your full speaker notes in comments without clicking on them, using a browser such as Safari, but I can’t share those techniques publicly.


Yeah this would be really cool. Specially when sharing preview link to client, so we can add a little bit of contexte.