Presentation mode is cut off

I have a problem. Thought figma is just like that, but I see that it works normally with others and I think that’s the most important thing! In the presentation mode, the upper part is always cut off for me. No matter what I do and I’m an expert so I think it’s a bug or a configuration error. I am grateful for every thought.


Check the view zoom level of your prototype (or browser window if viewing via browser), which might be sent to something above 100% and thus getting things cut off.

No - this isn´t the problem. NOW I GOT IT!!!

Every time if I ve the side bar open then this stupid black bar is there. why is it not faded out. That’s pointless.

And if the side bar is hidden then it tooks a long time until the black bar is gone.

(I hope in the future this will be better in Figma.)

Thanks a lot. Sometimes life is easier than expected. :slight_smile:

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In retrospect, it may not be a minor problem, since customers are dependent on the navigation and the view is not optimal even with instructions. I will probably have to move my layout further down in the future so that every customer can understand it.

Thanks for the brainstorming.

@Alice_Figma Hey, I used to have the same issue. I found out that if I set a height in the prototype tab under device size it will stop cropping the top. I have mine set at 900, as I feel that is a height that most monitors can display fully. I haven’t gone into extensive testing to see how it shows or different types of screen/monitor sizes.

I don’t know if this is the proper way to correct the issue, if not, please someone correct me.


You are a hero - thanks a lot

Wow THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was going crazy in circles until I found your answer to this problem!

THANK YOU! I say a little prayer to everyone who’s experiencing this frustration right now. I hope google lead you to the right path.

I’m a bit confused. If I set the height, then… that obviously changes the height of my prototype. But I need all of the height that I need to show the full design. This will vary by screen. Am I missing something?

Edit: I found the solution to my problem (I am an idiot and/or very new to Figma). I just had to click on the black area. I think I might have had a different issue than OP, lol.

Edit 2: If you do Command + \ it will toggle the show heading on and off in presentation mode.

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