Possible bug in find previous and next?

Could this shortcut not be working anymore, however, it is still available in the menu?


Check here on Figma and these two shortcuts, besides not working when clicked on the path, that is, “edit > find next or previous”, also do not work when the shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+F or D” is pressed.

The most intriguing thing is that this functionality is working via mouse click on these arrows:


Does anyone know what could be causing this? Not that it’s a big problem, but I was curious about this situation.

Hi @Lucas30 ,
The images are not working, could you please send them again so we can have a look here? Thank you!

I edited the post, I think now you can see the images. tks for the time.

The image work! Thank you for flagging this, we have informed the teams to implement a fix.

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Nice, thanks for the time.