Pop up menu trigger by anchored form below

I need help prototyping a pop up menu which opens above anchored form / (button) below and on selecting an item from the menu changes the content in the anchored from / button . I have figured out how to do this using overlays manually positioning the pop up menu above the form / button ; on click open overlay, close overlay pop up menu above when clicking outside area.

The issue is how to select an item from the menu (which is a quantity selection) and triggering a change in the content in the anchored form below it. I have attempted to do this using components, creating variations of the states however when adding interactions it is not possible to change the position, in this case I need the menu to appear at the top and not at the bottom (which is what Figma automatically does by default).

Since I cannot control where my variant appears I had to resort to the option of doing this by using overlays but now i am faced with another issue of how to trigger 2 change in states 1) change in content in anchored form below the pop up menu 2) closing the pop up menu overlay

Please if anyone has experience prototyping this I would like to know how it can be done in Figma. As it seems like a simple interaction, yet I seem to be missing something… !!!

Hi Lexi1,
Thank you for reaching out the community! Feel also free to share a copy of your file and/or a quick screen recording / screenshot of what you intend to do. This will also help the community to better visualise it :slight_smile:

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