Plugins not working

I’ve got a free Figma account, and up until today I;ve had no problem using the iconify plugin on my creations. As of today though, I can’t access any plugins or widgets. I just get an error message “An error occured while searching for plugins”.

I’ve tried logging out, closing my browser down, restarting my computer. All to no avail.

Any advice please? Thanks!

Hey @Becki_Maher_InsideMinds, thank you for reaching out!

Can you please let me know if you’re having trouble searching for this specific plugin “iconify”, or if this issue is happening with all plugins?

Can you let me know if this issue is happening in all browsers, or a specific one? If you don’t mind, please run a few tests in 2 or 3 browser types to see if you notice any trends.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Gayani_S, thanks for replying.
It’s happening across all browsers (I’ve tried Edge, Firefox and Chrome) and with all plugins, widgets etc. - Not just Iconify (that’s just the one I want to use right now!)

Can anyone help with this?

Hey @Becki_Maher_InsideMinds, apologies for the delayed response!

I can get you connected to our technical support team. Could you try clearing the cache and see if that helps solving your issue. If that does not resolve your issue I can go ahead and create a support ticket on your behalf.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Gayani_S , The plugins are also not working on my computer

Hey @Lucretius, thank you for reaching out!

Are you able to send me a screen recording on what you’re seeing on your end please? Also can you confirm if this is happening on the browser and the desktop app?

Have you tried to clear the cache? Also please try to force-quit and open Figma in a new browser window (or force-quit the Figma Desktop app and restart it.)

Thanks in advance!

I’ve cleared the cache but the err still persists. but plugins work in the desktop app

Thanks for confirming this and sharing a screen recording with me!
I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is t #1070408, for reference. Please export the console logs and share it with the team.

Someone from support should be in touch with you soon!