Please revert the File Cover sizes

Previously it was set to be 1920x960, and now is supposedly 1920x1080. This wouldn’t be a problem if the remaining width of the cover was ignored in the actual thumbnail in the file explorer just as before, but now all my covers have black bars up and down. Why this sudden change?

The files in the community still have the previous behavior where the search results showed a thumbnail a little bit thinner than the actual cover size when you open the file.

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Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. The thumbnail size was unexpectedly changed for a few hours, but it should be fixed now. If the problem persists, please try to reload Figma app after a while.

Thanks for your patience!


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I’m curious too

Great news! I just reloaded, and it’s back to the previous sizes. Please never change the dimensions. Such a relief!

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