Please help with my airbnb wishlist feature prototype

Hello guys, please check out my first prototype of the airbnb wishlist feature. It’s not perfect but it works.

I would like for the heart button to turn red when touched and the overlays to have less bounce when popping up. I would also like to know how to swap the final overlay instead of just dissolving to a new screen. When I try to swap the last two overlays it just sticks to the bottom of the screen and keeps the dark background. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Philip18, I am impressed by your prototype! Great work!

For your first question “I would like for the heart button to turn red when touched” I’ve found this YouTube video that shows how to design heart animation in Figma, this might help you create the heart animation.
I’d also recommend searching in the Community for Airbnb templates and prototypes for additional inspiration.

I can see the bounce when it’s popping up but recommend to check out this Help Center article for more information: Prototype easing and spring animations

You’ve also mentioned “I would also like to know how to swap the final overlay instead of just dissolving to a new screen.” Can you point me to the screen?
I saw you used swap overlays here but I was not able to see the black screen in the prototype:

In order to be able to swap overlays, there has to be an open overlay first. I would recommend having a look at our Help Center article as well: Create overlays in your prototypes

One last tip, I’d recommend having a look at this YouTube video, where a creator walks through advanced animation, might be useful for your prototype design as well.

Please give me more details regarding your swap overlay issue, a screen recording would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

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Hey @Gayani_S, thank you so much for your help. I managed to create the heart animation however when I try to test it on the prototype, it only works if it does not have an interaction with the “Add to wishlist” overlay. How can I make it so that it turns red when the overlay pops up? I also adjusted the overlay animation to have less bounce so thank you for that.

As for the overlay swap, I would like to swap “Create wishlist” with “Saved to…”. When I try to do this, the “Saved to…” overlay sticks to the bottom but I would like it to stay in the position as shown in the screenshot. I have indicated this with red arrows. So for now I just transitioned that screen to the last one as indicated by the blue arrow.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Philip18, no worries I am happy to help!

Regarding your first question, let me ask internally if the team has a good workaround, I wasn’t able to find a solution yet. Because you can’t use twice the “on click” interaction, also the interaction completes when the overlay closes.

Regarding your second question, please check my screen recording I tried to play around with Boolean variables. With this technique you can save adding the last screen.

Here I am showing you how I applied the variable. Also, sorry I had to adjust the design a bit.

I think working with Boolean variable might be a good solution. Let me know if this is what you wanted trying to achieve?