Please could someone check my buttons?

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner at Figma. I’m just trying to create a little music player app for my 3 year old daughter who’s learning baby ballet. It’s a music player of ballet music I’ve written for her to practice steps to because she loves dancing so much and pressing buttons!

I’ve setup a visual template and most of the buttons work. I really just need someone to help me figure out why the rest of the buttons aren’t working. It’s way beyond my knowledge as I’m teaching myself as I go, so any help is much appreciated.

I also just need some help to create a couple of playlists of her favourites within the app. She’s very bright and loves music and dancing and I love teaching her how to use my phone already, cook, clean everything!

Would it be possible to have some help from someone willing if you have time?

All the best,

Hey Jake, feel free to share a copy of your file here! I can investigate why the buttons from the dropdown menu are not working.