Please add auto layout direction as a variable

Changing the direction of the auto auto layout as a variable would be extraordinarily helpful!

For instance, on bar chart data visualization, I include both a whole number and a percentage. The bars change width & spacing using a variable for the number of bars, but it would be great if I could do side by side for the number/percentage for wider bars and stacked for narrower bars. The (awesome!) auto wrap won’t solve the problem at this point.


Hi there, thank you for your feedback. We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.


Please add this feature, thank you!

Adding a use case/example:

From desktop to mobile - 3 column grid to 1 column grid. 90% of responsive websites use this pattern.

variable name: autoLayoutDirection
modes: mobile - tablet - desktop
value: vertical - wrap - horizontal


would be sooo helpful!


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