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Pick changes to be merged in the Main File

Hello! Is there a way where we can cherry-pick which changes made in the branch are going to be merged in the main file?


Right now, there is no plan to do that for V1. While it’s a great idea, we also want to focus on getting the core use case solid and shipped to users, and we are hoping that people will be able to use a workaround for most cases.

If you feel like this would be an absolute blocker for you, please let us know. I’d be happy to learn more!

I second this. I’ve found that Figma often catalogs “edits” that occur from simply clicking around through layers or changing a style and changing it back (if this were git, it wouldn’t count as a change if I re-typed the code exactly as it were).

Maybe a more clear use case: If someone else comes into my branch, plays with something in a page, and I don’t realize it, then when I go to merge, I have a change I don’t want and I’m left with the choice of redoing all my work to avoid this change (very similar to my pre-branching, pre-cherry-picking-changes-for-publishing workflow) or just accepting some random edit.

:point_up_2:t2:Tried to make that as clear as possible, let me know if it needs better explanation. It’s friday afternoon and my brain is a bit fried.

Got it. We’ll take another look to see if this is something we can support. It might be tough to get it in for V1 but we’ll look.