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Persistent return to instance

So I am constantly frustrated by having to remember what page I was on after going to the master component (located on a different page).

While I appreciate the Return to instance feature, without it being persistent throughout the time I’m editing the master so I can get back – it’s not much use to me.

Does anyone else feel like it could hang around longer? Or, at least need an easier way to get back to where you were?

When you select the main component again, this button will be shown. If you are editing its contents you can just Shift + Enter a bunch of times until you hit the component. Or simply select it manually in any way you find convenient.


Ah! Well, that goes quite a way to solve that problem!
Thank you Gleb! :pray:

Investigating this further the connection is lost as soon as you go into the second nested component.

Am I going crazy or is the ‘return to instance’ button just not appearing at all now?

I’m still seeing it on my end.

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Hmm, weird. Not sure what’s happening then :man_shrugging:

Is it possible I’m missing something / have changed a setting in the past? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Looks weird. I can’t reproduce, it works for me, even in variants like in your case. I would suggest you to report a bug and send the link to the file to Figma support team via or the support request form.

Hey Caleb, will do. Thanks for the help!

Right now the button only shows up if the Main Component itself is selected.

It would be great to always show the Return to Instance button:

  • when the Main Component itself is selected
  • when any of the child layers of the Main Component are selected