PDF export results in corrupted file

Since a week I am having trouble with exporting PDF’s in Figma. The export works fine until I want to import this PDF into Adobe Indesign or an online print tool. Both apps failed to load the Figma PDF. I have send the files directly and the service replied they are having issues opening my file.

The strange thing is, I can open the PDF in Mac preview, in an internet browser and I can import it in the Gimp image editor. So sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t.

I am using the latest Figma 116.16.13 on Mac OS Sonoma 14.0.

Hey @Rs12, thank you for reaching out! I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #954667, for reference.

Please share your file link with support-share@figma.com invited directly as an editor with our support team (this won’t affect your billing at all). Also please share your PDF document. Our team can give you more information on this.

Thank you in advance, let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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Same situation here.
And when I open in Acrobat, the top is chopped and I can’t get at the bottom of the file.

Hey @Richard_Lalancette2, thank you for reaching out!

Can you please send a screenshot of the error you see when you try opening the PDF document?

Does the PDF open in Adobe Acrobat reader?

I’d suggest reaching out to Adobe’s support team to see if they can see any reason in their logs that this fails? If not can you please reach out to them to check this further.


Says file is corrupted but opens and behaves badly.

So, the issue is that it is corrupted from the Figma Export.

Can I share the project with one of your engineer?

Sure! I’ve also created a support ticket for you. Your ticket number is #966530, for reference. Please do share your PDF export or any screen recording of what you’re seeing on your end with the team. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!