Paste ChatGPT Content With Formatting

Currently, when copying ChatGPT content into Figma, it does not carry over the formatting. It copys the ChatGPT formatting as markdown, but Figma does not convert the markdown back into formatted styles. It would be helpful for Figma to recognize markdown and convert it into styles when pasting content.

Hey @Trent_Pruett, thank you for reaching out!

Would you mind clarifying this for me, I think I am not following. I tried to reproduce this on my end, when copy pasting I was able to paste I the text field with my pre settings. Do you want to have the Chat GPT font when you say “it does not carry over the formatting”?

Thanks in advance!

Before copy the content of the from the Chatgpt into Figma. Paste the content into the text editor like the Notepad Msword etc. After that copy the content from the text editor and paste into the Figma.

ChatGPT usually formats its text with larger headings, bolded words and numbered or bulleted lists. There are 2 ways to copy ChatGPT replied:

  • Method 1) You can select the text in your browser and copy it.
  • Method 2) You can click the “copy” button provided by ChatGPT, which copies the text with markdown. An example of markdown is when two asterisks are used before and after a word(s) to make it bold. e.g. ** bolded text **

When you copy the text using method #1 and paste it into a text editor, it usually carries over the formatting (bolded text, large headers, etc.), but when you paste it into Figma, it does not carry over the formatting. All of the text looks the same. I tried the method suggested by @puttykey2024 , but it still did not carry over the formatting.

When using Method 2, pasting the text includes the markdown. It would be nice for Figma to paste the formatted text no matter which method of copying is used. Where the pasted text is styled with the same size and text weight as the copied text. There is a Figma plugin called “Markdown to Figma” that will convert markdown text into formatted text, which is taking care of me for now. I just thought it would be a nice built-in feature since many designers are using ChatGPT in their workflow.