Passing variables on overlay open

Just want to make sure this is possible with Figma variables, conditionals or Boolean statements.

  1. I have a user guide prototype with a list of 9 menu items on the overview screen - profile settings, submitting feedback, flight list, etc
  2. Users would click on the menu items to jump to the respective screens (just like a table of content)
  3. On the individual screens, I placed a menu icon to load an overlay with the same menu items. That way users can jump to any screen from anywhere
  4. Without creating 9 different overlays, how can I achieve changing the color of a menu item of the corresponding section the user clicked the overlay from? For example, if overlay is loaded from the Flight list screen, I want to have “Flight list” on the menu a different color

Hi, Gabriel.

Yes. That is possible using Figma variables and boolean. I tested it on my end and it seems to work fine no matter which screen i clicked the menu from.

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Other than I want to change the color of the text rather than the background, this looks like exactly what I want to achieve. Any chance I get the Figma source file from you?

Sure. You can play with this file.

Test - Variables and Boolean.fig (171.2 KB)

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