Pass through nested component properties

I have a input component with changeable text, this is nested in a component that has it’s own labels around it. When switching between variants of this top-level component, the label text is transferred but the nested inputs’ text is reset.

Being able to pass through the input components text property to the parent component would fix this and make it easier to edit the component. Any properties could do this, surfacing instance selection, visibility - I dont think it should be automatic though, there may be options irrelevant to the component it’s being used in.


+1. Our design system is also running into this issue. We use a couple of sub-libraries that rely on master library components. We would really like nested, or child, component properties to be passed to the parent.

We really want to lean into properties and remove the amount of variants we current have for simple boolean action.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Same here, for now I’m literally duplicating same exact component base so that I can expose that without having the designers drill in to make changes.

Also, it would be nice if we can choose which ones to expose.

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I need this :ok_hand: I’m creating highly modular components and this would really help!

Would love to see this as well

Yes please! This would help so much with designing modular component systems in Figma and in React.