"Parsing frame/component failed"

Hello there,
So I have an unresolved issue that I’m struggling with severely…

When trying to export certain style guides (buttons) from Figma to Zeplin, here’s the blocking message that pops up… I’ve tried linking and then unlinking my color styles to these buttons to find the root of the problem, creating new components without styles, etc. But nothing seems to work, I’m still stuck.

Does anyone know the solution to this puzzle? Please


Thank you very much
(I’m french, my english is a little bit bad sorry)


Hi @Rudy3, Thanks for reaching out and for sharing the screenshot with us. It helps a lot!

I see you might be using the Zeplin plugin. Here’s the link just in case: Zeplin
If that’s the right one, you might find the Zeplin Help Center useful, especially here: Figma Integration

If you’re still running into issues, as the error message suggests, it might be a good idea to contact the plugin creators directly.
You can find their contact details on the right side of the plugin page under “Support:”

I hope this information helps a bit! If there’s anything I misunderstood, please let us know.

Also, if anyone else in our community has further suggestions or insights, don’t hesitate to jump in and share!