Overriding text of component instances with variables

Hi there, I would like to override the text of my button component when the user clicks on the „+“ or „-“ buttons.

My button component consists of a simple text. I’m not using any props for text. I’ve added a new local text-variable and attached this text variable to the text of my button instance:

The problem: It does not change when going to prototyping mode. My „button-label“ variable is not updating. I somehow got it to work for a couple of minutes but after that it suddenly stopped working. Is this not supported? Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

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EDIT: Seems like the „button-label“ variable is de-taching itself from time to time. Have to state that I’m trying to add this variable to an instance and not my root component!

If I’m going to prototyping mode, triggering the action that should update the text and THEN linking the „button-label“ variable to my button instance text again, it – magically – works?!

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