Overlay settings overriding each other

I’m playing with the new ability to add multiple actions on a single interaction trigger. In this case, I want to create an interaction that, on tap, opens two separate overlays: a menu and a toast alert. The exact context isn’t identical to my demo project, but NDAs…

The problem I’m running into is, I’ll set up the overlay settings for my menu:

And then I’ll set up the overlay settings for the toast alert:

But when I go back to check the settings for the menu, a few of the options have been reset to match what I selected for the toast alert:

And if I fix those settings and look at the toast alert, the same thing has happened to it:

So, basically, it’s assuming I want the same settings for both overlays. But if that were the case, why are those settings available at the individual action level, and not at the trigger level? If the settings are intended to be applied globally, the UI should reflect that. Also, it’s really not helpful to supposedly support multiple actions on a singler trigger but have them intrinsically dependent on each other. It’s like the feature is half finished, imo.

Wondering if anyone has figured out a weird, backdoor work-around to get them to be configured as independent actions?

Here’s the demo file:

Hi, thank you for raising this with us. I have passed this information along to our engineering team.

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