Overlay not being replicated on any instances of main component

I wanted to create an overlay for my search bar. I have been making components and duplicating them on a separate page for my wireframing. I just created an overlay and placed the overlay on top of the button where the user would click. However, this isnt replicating at all in the wireframe designs. Its only until when I go to the wireframe design that and link the overlay and button manually when it shows up. I have over 50 frames this overlay needs to be in and do not want to do it manually.

FYI, any other change I do to this button is replicated so I do have the correct configurations for instances/replicating.

Reading some other questions in the forum, it seems that there’s a bug in duplicating using ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Try alt+drag (option for MAC), and test that instance just to make sure it’s not a copy-paste bug.