Organize files by category

One of the functions that I’ve been waiting for in Figma for a long time is a way to organize files by category/folder/directory or things like that.

On the home page there are some ways to organize the files using filters such as: alphabetical order, the date the file was created, FigJam files or design files, but there is no definitive way to organize the files.

For people like me who have dozens or even hundreds of different files, it becomes a tiring task having to go through them one by one to find what I need.

My suggestion is that the ux research team contact the development and design team and analyze the possibility of developing a way in which the user can organize files by categories, for example: the user has the ability to create a category to store only pre-made 3D image files, another category to store icons, another category to store style guides and design system, and so on.

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Hey @Coronel_Oliveira, thanks for the feedback!

This is definitely already on our team’s radar for improvement. We’ve merged your topic with an existing similar one here in the community.

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