Option to not open file(s) in Dev Mode

All files open in dev mode = not a fan. How can I turn this off?

It isn’t a great user experience to have to do this manually every day for every file. Can the regular, non-dev mode, be the initial load standard? When you have 20 files you’re in daily this just isn’t the best.


Hey @Holly_Koskinen, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve moved your reply into its own feature request. Right now, you are automatically dropped into Dev Mode when you open a Figma design file with a Dev Mode link.

We’ll pass this feedback onto our dev mode team for future consideration, and use the votes from the community to gauge how this has been affecting the overall community.

I’ve the same issue - regardless of whether I open a dev-mode link.
Every time I reopen Figma, I am automatically - in every file - in dev mode.
No great user experience indeed.