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Option key not measuring distance between layers?

For some reason, it’s not working when I hold down the option key like it usually does. It shows me the distance to the edges, but not between layers.

The help page says…

“Overlapping layers may prevent you from being able to measure the distance between nested objects. This includes masks, locked layers, and layers with low opacity fills.”

…But I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. I’ve attached a Figma file you can check out, and a screen recording. Thanks team!

[EDIT – SEMI SOLVED] I realized I can hold option+command to measure the distance between the layers within the groups, but still curious what the overarching problem here is.

The “iOS Foreground” object here is hijacking the hovering so you are measuring the distance to it.

I see. I thought it wouldn’t do this, since the layer is locked, but I see that it starts working when I actually hide that layer.

Yeah I don’t know why it works this way, I guess it makes more sense in some contexts when developers are inspecting elements (otherwise they won’t be able to inspect the locked ones maybe).

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Yeah, you’d just expect it to work the other way around, so that holding command would allow them to measure to the locked objects. Or, the developer could just lock/unlock layers. But the command+opt measurement solves the problem, so it doesn’t really matter. Just less intuitive for n00bs like myself.

For developers the deep select is reverted (they need to hold cmd to not deep select) so for them it actually works the way you are expecting. That’s probably one of the reasons it was implemented this way.

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