Open project/pages in new tabs/windows

It would be nice if I could quickly open pages in my design file in a new tab. Often pages contain designs that would be useful to view side by side with the current page you are working on. It would be nice if I could quickly open them in a new tab / new window instead of having to go back to files, open the file, wait for it to load and then navigate to the page.


Not a full workaround but if you’re in the browser you can right click on the page, copy link and then open that in a new window or tab. :slight_smile:

  1. My designers have placed all their designs on the same artboard, it would be nice to have the ability to have a certain part of the artboard targeted in one tab, and another in another tab.

  2. If there’s already a way to due so within the figma app, pelease share


PLEASE. My browser crashes when opening Figma files, so I have to use the app. We need to be able to open different pages in new tabs.


I agree, this is a feature that would save a huge time saver for me at least. We have one file per sprint, and make one page per sprint story, and typically have between 5 and 10 stories (protos) to show in one meeting - needing to close and reload the proto each time is slow and cumbersome. We found a workaround that was creating one presentation page with all the share links, so for now that’s ok. But truly would be great if we could open several pages in presentation mode at once.


Hello everyone! I have some problems with opening new tabs of same project in Figma. I have my project open on first tab and if I try to open another tab of same project, for example using “Open file URL from clipboard” it jumps me to the first tab and I cannot have multiple tabs of same project opened. How I could open multiple tabs for the same project?

I need to open multiple Joggo WEB tabs, because it has multiple pages and I want to have different design page on different tab.

The only option to do that now is to open multiple Figma windows: Open file/drag out the tab into the new window - #2 by Gleb or work in the browser.

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The number of times I’ve intuitively tried to open pages in new tabs shows me that this is probably a much-needed feature by many.

This is not possible in the current figma version.
Right-Clicking on a page in the sidebar on the left doesn’t do anything.
Using Chrome v. 104 on macOS 12.2.1

This is possible on app:

Press Shift + Cmd + N / Shift + Ctrl + N to open the new window

If you drag figma you’ll see now you have a second window to work.


+1 bumppppppppppp

I want to be able to see different pages of a project file across multiple tabs/windows, because I have one page for components and another for actual designs, I want to make mods to the component page while seeing how the change happens on the design page across 2 screens.

Please let me open Layers / Docs in new Tabs. It’s a daily annoyance to work with Figma because this standard feature is missing.