Open Overlay Function - How to control the overlay index position

I’m having a recurrent issue. When i set multiple “Open Overlays” I need that they have a certain layer stack order. When I set 3 open overlays - The second and the third appear always on top of the previous one. I want the overlays to appear from the bottom of previous ones.

How is this possible?

Hi @Jose_Almeida, Thanks for getting in touch about overlay actions!

Unfortunately, there isn’t currently an option to set the behavior you’re asking about.

I did some testing on my side and confirmed that when you set multiple overlay actions, they run in the order they’re listed, from top to bottom, with each new overlay appearing above the last.

That said, your idea could be a fantastic feature request! I did a bit of digging in our community and found a similar request posted here: “Open & Swap Overlay” Z-index feature
Please take a moment to check it out and feel free to vote or comment if you’d like to see this feature come to life.

Also, if anyone in our community has found a workaround for this, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again for reaching out!