One library from multiple single components

Our team explores 2 different options to publish libraries.

One option is to have one big library file with multiple components in it.
This is a good way for small design systems with a few basic components but it isn’t suitable for our design systems that keep growing each day.
This solution feels outdated to us as it is one big monolith file that keeps growing and growing over the years.

The second option is to have a single file component for each component.
This is a much better solution to our use case as it is on point with our product. We develop individual single components share them and use them individually in different places without the use of one big monolith file. We were inspired by Esther Cheran’s demonstration of a single-file-per-component organization.

This is how we want to work. It helps us create individual files for each component and keep us on track with versioning, decisions, history, and more… on one file.

But…The problem we are facing is that there is no option to publish one library from multiple single files.

Is there a way to combine and publish one library from multiple separate files, without the need to copy instances and create another component on a different library file?