'On click' -- only once on component?

Hi Fellow Figamites,

If anyone could help here I’d be a Fort Knox! of gratitude.

Im making a maps navigational based mock up for an app… and i want to connect the ENTER/SEARCH button from the map on the home screen to a dual animation result on the next screen, namely, like it is with google maps for example; the initial result listing overlay tab coming up from below in synchrony with the its corrosponding pins appearing on the map.

I have been trying many things and have been tying my mind up in Knots!
It seems, to my perfusing dismay, that a component, cant be connected MORE THAN ONCE to a result window or component, by clicking…
Does anyone know why?

If knot, does anyone have a suggestion of how to connect one search action like this on the homepage to a duel result (pins and listing appearing) on the subsequent page.

I would be an angel of delight in your lap for evermore.