No "plugins" in the menu

Dear Community,
I’m trying to work on Figma using a few plugins which shows as installed. but when on figma (web and app altogether) I can’t see any “plugins” section in the menu. I searched everywhere and found no solution. I attached a picture.



You don’t have access to editing of this file so you can’t modify anything or run any plugins in it.

Thank you Gleb. what should I do to get that access? i’m really new to Figma.

At first, you need to open some Figma file to get an access to Plugins.
I reported about it to Figma support, but the unclear UX still exists.

Way 1: ask the owner of this file to give you access.

Way 2: duplicate this file to your drafts if that’s allowed by the owner and edit your own copy however you want.

Way 3: create your own file and use plugins there (in case you don’t need this specific file but just want to use plugins).