Newbie UXer, needs some guidelines :)

Hello! I’m a newbie UXer, I did 1 year of an online course, and I’m starting to build my portfolio.
I choose a project to give an answer to the housing crises in my country.
As a newbie I’m really unsure, and I don’t have anyone that I know in the field that can help me.

  1. I’m unsure about the colours. I choose the blues because it leads people to think about serenity and trust.
    2.I’m not sure what to do about the “advanced animations” like swiping, I need to do that at this point, or just the design that that option is there, is enough?
  2. I’m not sure what to do to simulate when a button is active or not.(They are already built as components, I just don’t know how to do the animation, when people choose one option or other)
  3. What is a good model that I should follow to build my portfolio?