New interface

Hello Charly,

I use Figma extensively for UI design. I find it quite unfortunate that the Figma interface is not very aesthetically pleasing. I would really appreciate having a beautiful, modern, and intuitive Figma interface with rounded corners, a nice dark mode, shadow effects, and more.



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There isn’t anything else that I would love to do more than having the interface customized slightly more pleasantly, too. The same UI has been running smoothly for most users including myself for as long as I can remember. Who knows, I hope they revamp it at some point.

@ARpen I personally think the current Figma UI is one of the most intuitive and beautiful in the design industry at the moment.

But if the UI is really a deal breaker for you, I can bet I have seen a plugin in the community that can help you tweak the Figma UI, can’t recollect what the name is right now. or you can even design and build your own if you like.

I honestly won’t bother though. the Figma UX and UI is amazing as it is, I hope you get used to it.