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New desktop ARM beta for Apple Silicon users!

Hey everyone, we’re excited to share our new ARM beta of the desktop app for all you users on the new M1 chips! You can download the beta here:

If you have any questions or run into any issues feel free to respond directly in this thread. :slight_smile:


It’s WAYYYYY smoother than the Rosetta app. Thank you for finally releasing it!


Damn that’s smooth! now get back to the old logo, thank you! besides that, it freaking awesome :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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but still, its taking up wayyy to much memory! you gotta keep working on memory efficiency. my air only has 8 and is swapping like CRAZYY!

Are you able to repro the memory usage in Chrome with the exact same tabs open that you have in the desktop app? Unfortunately this build won’t necessarily be any more efficient in terms of memory usage.

i am not using chrome, hence I can’t talk on that. but I hope that you somehow manage to optimize for better memory usage in future versions! for example that final build. Till then, best of luck and thank you for at least releasing the beta just in time!


Very exciting! Thank you … it’s using about 3GBs less memory across the various tasks so that’s a huge improvement. Launches faster. Can’t wait to put it through it’s paces tomorrow.


It looks like Figma Agent is still Intel-based. Any plans to recompile it as well, since it’s just a simple file watcher?

Yep, the agent will be natively compiled in time for the stable release.


What about the iPad app? When will it be?


WOWWWW :fire::fire::fire: Very exciting! Thank you …

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Internet is forbidden in my company!I wish the desktop version can be used offline!

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agree!!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can see alternative app - figurative

Here are my stats for the new version. It feels way faster than the previous beta app and stable version. Right now it’s consuming around 3Gb of ram. Is this the expected result?

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Hopefully this is useful! Thanks

Hi @Fede_Sanchez! It would be super helpful if you could compare the memory usage of (Intel) and Figma Beta (Apple Silicon) with the exact same files open. Can you try that?

Sure! Here are the stats for the Intel app (same file, same page)

Smoooooooth and working fine. It is going to very cool

Finally. It’s so much faster on large files.

Deleted the stable release in a heartbeat. Will reinstall when it’s on apple silicon.