Nested variant state not persisting when parent component changes state

I have a menu panel with expand/collapse buttons which I’ve created as a set of nested component instances within the menu panel component. The menu panel itself can collapse/expand. The nested button component variant states work fine for both expanded and collapsed menus when the panel expands/collapses, but once a button changes to its other expanded or collapsed state and the panel is then collapsed and expanded, the buttons get put into their hover state when the parent component is collapsing instead of remaining in their new expand or collapsed state.
I’ve tried the reset component state option on the button component as well as the parent. At the parent level, it resets the child buttons to their original collapsed/expanded states which isn’t desired. I’ve also tried various combination of triggers (mouse enter/leave vs hover, mouse up/down vs. click) and haven’t found any combination that works.
Any suggestions or is this a known bug?

Menu panel

[redacted file link]

Hi @Matt_Gregg! First, I removed the file link that you provided in your post. Since I did not have the ability to open the file, I removed it just in case there was sensitive info or data in it.

I see that you currently have two open tickets with support about this and another separate issue, so I’d recommend you continue the conversations via those emails (especially since this is a very specific flow you are describing.

If you aren’t receiving replies from support, let me know.