Nested instances in component detail modal

I’m not seeing the properties for nested instances in the new component detail modal. I use a lot of nested instances in my components and it would be great if users of our design system working with these components can configure them with all the nested instances.
Am I doing something wrong, is this something that will come in the future or is this something that will never come to the component detail modal?

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Hey @roald.boerema, it depends on what Figma plan you are on. The component modal is available for everyone. However, to get access to the component playground you need to be on the Professional, Organization or Enterprise plan.

We are on a organisation plan. The playground is showing, but only for the “main” options. Our components use a lot of nested instances and the options for the nested instances are not showing up like in the properties panel on the right side of the screen. It would be great if the playground modal supported this, because now it only shows a part of the optics that are available for the component.