Nested Instance: What is the right amount of nesting?

I’ve got a bit of quiet time and was looking refactoring some components and wanted to know what is the community doing ? Is there a right amount of nesting that people use ?

What would qualify for a nested instance ? Are there any resources available on that topic ?

I have a some complex components like select lists and wizard and never know what should be instantiated and what should be kept as normal layer throughout all the states?

What do you folks do ?

Thanks for raising the topic! We’re also curious how community is using it. Let’s see how others react.


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I use as much nesting as it takes, whitch with complex components and instance swamping leads to a lot of nesting. So much so that the left sidebar’s max-width setting makes it unusable. :worried:

Since updating library components that have variants is buggy, those components must have their “variants” nested in as hidden layers. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: