Nested instance properties for batch editing

I really love “nested instance properties” feature but it works for one component instance only. It would be useful if nested instance properties were available when I select several “parent” instances.

My example
:hammer_and_wrench: Component structure:

  1. component Label - used for different statuses - has text property Label for text inside 2) component Table Cell - used for building tables - has variants for different types of cells
    Case: I create column of statuses in the table, it includes cells which include label. If I want to update text in one label I can use nested label’s text property. But when I want to update text in several cells nested instance property disappears and I need to select label instead of cells or use some plugin for bulk text update.

PS: thanks to figma team for your incredible work :heart:


This is indeed greatly needed for complex libraries & projects, +1!

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