Nested Instance for multi level expandable accordion

I am trying to use the new nested instances. I want to create an accordion which contains multiple levels of accordions inside it. So created an accordion and put it inside itself so that when you expand an accordion you can see another accordion inside it and so on. Now it’s throwing an error “Nested instance is swapped with its parent instance”

Any way to achieve it?

Looks like no one wanna talk about this :slight_smile: :neutral_face:

Hi there, the nested instances refers to nested properties from subcomponents to a component level.
What you want to do can be achieved with simple components, you have to make the inner components first, and then the outer ones, they can be variants as well.
Care to share a screenshot of what you’re trying to create?

I have added a screenshot. I am trying to create multi level of nesting with just one component inside itself.

Due to possible recursion issues that cannot be possible with only one component, you’ll need to make as many components as depth levels you need.

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