Nested Flowcharts, Flowcharts in Flowchart Nodes


I work in mostly game development, and sometimes general software. Flowcharting user flow is an invaluable tool to quickly get people up to speed about how something might be implemented, or is implemented. I personally use a bastardised version of flow charts, so I don’t rely on the boutique symbols, but they are flowcharts none-the-less.

Flowcharts can be sprawling messes, especially with how many options or features are required per state in the flow, and for over a decade I’ve been wanting “Nested Flowcharts”.

The ability to chart out a flow at a high level, and then within each node of the flow, nest a detailed flow inside it that can be clicked into, or zoomed into.

You can already do this with infinite canvas flowcharting, but the navigation tools aren’t really there for a good user experience, and they are very clunky to update when you have to adjust minor and major changes. So some kind of really well thought out tool chain to nest a flowchart within a flowchart node would be the beesknees. Like I would put you on my Christmas wine list, and I don’t celebrate Christmas or drink wine. You’d be on the only one on it, forever until there are no more grapes or addresses.

Thanks for reading my incredibly “just for me” idea.

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