Nested element cannot be resized

I have a component that includes a list made with Autolayout.
I need some of those items to have different heights.
When I use the component in my design I cannot specify the size of the list items, they can only be Hug or Fill, and when I choose Fixed the size input field is greyed out.

If I choose Fill on the list items they will change their size based on the container, so I could resize them by adjusting the size of the parent. But that will make all of them the same height. I need them to be in different sizes.

How can I make each list item in a different size?

You can’t modify the size of items inside a component instance. So a solution would be to not use a component instance here.

I see.

It would be fantastic to be able to override the element size when inside another component.

I’m designing a table, and I have components for each Column. I have different Cell Components I can switch to change content. And sometimes the content of the cell is big enough that they become higher, so I will have to change other cells which might not have the same content so I can’t use Hug in there, I have to use an arbitrary height.

So you’ve taken the wrong approach. Instead of a column component, you need a row component.

I think the problem is that I have “an accordion inside an accordion”. So regardless of how the table is composed, I won’t be able to resize a component nested inside another.

I wish there was a way to assign an arbitrary size for elements inside a component.