Nested component doesn't hug it's height (🎥 video available)

The simple “Field” hugs the height if I hide the layers of “Boxes”.
The component “Field” doesn’t.

Check video to better understand this.

Seems like a bug. Looks like it uses the default instance height when there are no elements inside.

Hi @mint, Thank you for reaching out about this. I noticed that you filed a ticket regarding this issue – we truly appreciate your initiative! Your ticket number is #1019754 for reference.

Our Technical Quality team is currently investigating this matter further. Please await a response from them.

Thank you for your patience and assistance as our support team looks into this.

Hi there, I wanted to share the update from the ticke that our engineering team has confirmed that the behavior here with Auto Layout is expected. When instances with Auto Layout have all of their children hidden, they revert to the original size of their main component.

This feedback has already been shared with our product team, we are exploring potential changes to this behavior for future updates.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!