Nest component

What I wish for the future is that I am able to have a library component (external file) in a file and can perpetuate changes locally, but also inherits updates from the external file (i.e.: design system).

Basically a blend of local component and library component.

The use case: I take an asset library component and use it on my current file, I make some changes to text and style and re-use it across the flow of screens I’m designing. When I make a change to any of them, nothing happens, they are completely isolated from each other despite being a component, so I am left with two solutions:

  1. Detach to make it a local component and lose all the variables
  2. Do the hacky workaround and lose future updates from the design system file

A nest component would perpetuate local changes, but receive updates from source file

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback! It is always appreciated. I’m eager to see what the community thinks!