Need "Fill container" resizing when using Wrap AL

I’d really appreciate this option available even if it necessarily means that AL content switches from “Fill container” to “Fixed height” when moved to another row.

I’d like to use Wrap AL for responsive rows of instances of text-filled cards/tiles with total heights dependent on inner content, making all the cards in the group vary in height. Usually, I would leave vertical “Hug contents” on the tallest element in the group, setting others to “Fill container”, whereas with Wrap AL, such option is greyed out. Why’s that so? And does it need to stay like that?


Exactly what I need! We have a row of cards with slightly different text lengths. I want to use wrap but also vertical fill before wrapping.

Actually I would even want to go one step further than Matej_Portes: I’d like a combination of hug and fill: I want all items to take the height of the tallest item while having it also on hug so as soon as another item gets taller (because I add more content), all others grow with it. This way I don’t have to know beforehand which element is going to be the tallest.