Navigation throw design layouts: Layouts Menu and Numbering in view mode

Hi guys
Our team uses the Flow function in an unusual way, we add a Flow starting point to each layout, thus having a menu by layouts in the layout view (View screenshot). This is very useful when there are a few hundred layouts in the project, and giving the client access to the design-file is not always convenient. It would be great if you could add a dedicated function for this so there is no need to manually copy-paste the layout names into the Flow starting points.

Please also pay attention to the numbering of the layouts in the screenshot. A four-digit number, at the beginning of the name, so that it is always visible, very good when discussing layouts, helps to avoid long explanations or naming long names, just say the number. It would also be great to make a built-in function for combining frames into groups with numbering like that, that would automatically change when rearranging frames within a group.

Please think about it
Thank you)