Navigating FigJam Without Separate Pages

In the process of evaluating FigJam (in advance of Jamboard decom during 2024) and the main challenge for us is the lack of pages. It was super easy to use the numbered frames navigation in Jamboard to move between screens and group similar content.

I understand that we can use FigJam Sections on an infinite canvas and indeed create links to specific sections to mimic that behaviour (like a menu) however the menu then disappears when navigating this way to the target Section.

In the absence of separate pages (or in addition to this), is it possible (to avoid duplicating menus/home buttons all over the place) to create a menu and have this in a fixed position, sticky (e.g. at the top) so we can easily navigate to/from Sections?

Hey @Tony_Dow while this isn’t possible to do directly in FigJam there may be a widget out there that could help. Not sure if this is quite what you’re looking for but I did find this one that let’s you create a sort of walkthrough.