My figma file is not loading

My smaller figma files are loading normally but the little bigger files are stuck on the loading screen. They loaded within around 10 seconds now it’s been an hour now it finally loaded but its still taking too long to load them.

Hi @Sarmad_Sheraz ,

Sorry to hear this is happening!
FYI, every browser has its own active memory limit. This can differ across devices but the general understanding is there’s an active memory limit of 2GB for each tab in a browser.

If you’re working with large files and libraries in Figma you may run into these limits.
Have you received a memory limit alert? (For instance, of your file is using upwards of 75% of the browser’s memory, you may not be able to open or edit the file.)

To continue to use affected files, you will need to reduce your memory usage. This can involve splitting up large files, removing hidden layers, or reducing large assets.
You can find some tips in our article to reduce memory usage in files: here

Hope it helps!