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Multiple prototypes in single file?

I’m not sure if this is a feature request, a bug report, or a public service announcement. But here goes:
My file has a few different pages, and I have a different prototype on each. When you launch a prototype, you expect to see the one that lives on the page you’re viewing, which is what happens - usually. I’ve noticed that if you have a prototype from the same file already open in another tab, then you will always re-run that prototype - regardless of the page you’re on when you hit the play button.
It took me a while to figure out why I kept seeing the prototype from Page A when trying to play the prototype from Page B: because Page A’s prototype was still open in another tab, and Figma was just switching to that tab.
A. Feature request: it would be nice if regardless of other tabs running prototypes, Figma would always show me the one I’m looking at when I hit the play button.
B. Bug report: Is this the expected Figma behavior? If so, see A.
C. PSA: If you notice that Figma keeps showing you a prototype from another page, it may be because the prototype from a different page is already open in a tab. Close that tab and you’ll be able to spin up a new prototype from the page you’re looking at. Also, see A.


This should be considered as a feature request. Indeed, it would be nice to be able to open different prototypes from the same file in your browser or from the application.

Currently, my technique from the browser is to open one on normal tab and another one in incognito mode.

I encourage you to open a topic Product ideas

You can create separate prototypes in separate pages. Their link will be different and you can share them with the client or your colleagues.

There is a post for this already and a workaround solution: