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Multiple Pages to multipage PDF Export

We’re trying to migrate from Adobe InDesign to Figma to create PDF presentations.

In InDesign, we might create a 10-page document then Export as PDF… to create a multi-page PDF we can share with the client and use in presentations.

Moving to Figma, I created a multi-page Figma document (one frame per page) and tried to export it as a single PDF file, but couldn’t find an option to do this. The only options I found were to export one page at a time after export was enabled for the frame.

I’m assuming I’m not approaching this the right way—or that there is a “hidden” feature I’m missing.

Any suggestions on how I export a multiple page Figma file into a single multi-age PDF?

Thanks in advance,


Move all the frames to one page and then use the Main menu ⟩ File ⟩ Export frames to PDF…

Thanks @tank666 - got it!

So in the context of our migration, I guess “frames” equate to “pages” in InDesign.

From what I can gather from the documentation, Figma “Pages” are really more like documents within documents, alternatives, etc. It’s a slight misnomer to call them pages.

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