Multi-Action; "Change to" & "Navigate to" not working together - Prototyping

Hi all,

I’m trying to have a multi-action within my prototype where once someone selects an option within my dropdown, (setup as “saved reports=Expanded” - and is the 2nd of 3 variants) two things happen:

  1. Change to (From “Saved reports=Expanded” → “Saved reports=Selected”)
  2. Navigate to (“example-frame-1”)

The first action works as expected, but when it comes to the navigating to the new frame, Figma just doesn’t do it. The option to select “Navigate to” is there so I’m assuming this is either a bug, or I need to select something that I’m not seeing. (see attached screenshot of Interactions)

Can someone please help?

Hi Michael,
Have you figured it out?
I’ve just ran into this issue.


Hi guys, I had the same problem. I then created variant of dropdown, that has default state like this: selected value didnt changed, but the items were opened, i then did navigation to other pages, then i set opacity to 1 and also fixed size to 1 (it acts like invisible closed dropdown, 0 wouldnt work for some reason xD), now it remembers the default state of the navigation. Before i had navigation that opened and chaged state to “opened” with items, and i guess that was the issue, cuz the state was being created every time, this is super fast rage comment, hope it helps.

Hi, I have an issue similar but more complex, then while typing here, I figured it out…
so thanks.

Hi, could you guys maybe explain it in more detail.
I have the same issue i guess. Still feels quite buggy.
When i have a variant for a dropdown, and the items are also instances of a component i can’t even use change to variant. It will always jump back to default.
As a work around i created a frame inside the component to attach the prototype actions to. Now i can change to variant, but the navigate to wont trigger. When i reverse it. Navigate first, change after, the change is not being triggered.
I dont understand the hack with the 1 pixel?

how did you get it to work?

Actually – i might have found the reason for some of the weird behavior.
Looks like my hover interaction on the list item was somehow overwriting or modifying the change to and navigate to. I removed the hover and now at least this is working.
Maybe that helps